What We Do ?

The idea behind forming iVATOR® is to serve multi branded products of elevator industry under one roof to the global market. iVATOR® has a team of engineers who can make GAD drawings as per the customers requirement and we give different choices of international brands for their desired project. Our Team will assemble it together and provide you as complete package.

iVATOR® offers complete systems manufactured according to customers’ requirements, taking care of dimensioning and design which is carried out by specialised Team ready to provide the most complex solutions.

iVATOR® Technologies Pvt Ltd is a registered member of EEPC INDIA, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India as a Merchant Exporter. We extend our service to middle east countries. Since we do shipping from Mumbai port of India transit time of shipping lines will be in minimum which makes the material availability much quicker.

We have 24 x 7 online support team to help you out to troubleshoot and fix it. We also sale spare parts and as complete elevator kit for the following type of elevators.

  Hydraulic Italian Home Elevator

  Passenger Elevator (with & without machine room)

  Hydraulic Car Elevator

  Goods Elevator

hydraulic home elevators

The Hydraulic Home Elevator is an elevating system designed specifically for use in private residence where space is a prime consideration. No machine room, No head room, No side wall, No shaft and No pit - all these aspects made this as popular choice.
We are providing brands like GMV and MORIS which are Italian brands. GMV is an Italian multinational leader in the Hydraulic Elevator industry, having reputation of more than 50 years. They are known for Home Elevator which can operate also in single phase supply.
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elevator doors

For Elevator Automatic opening doors major two market leaders are Fermator and Wittur which are based in Italy. Fermator is a leading italian mono-product manufacturer of automatic doors for elevators in the world. Fermator doors are installed worldwide for low, medium and heavy traffic duty lifts, for domestic use, offices, airports, hotels and public buildings. The automatic doors manufactured by Fermator comply with International Standards; EN 81-20/50, ASME A17.1, GB 7588, and fire requirements EN 81-58 and UL 10B among numerous others.

Luxury Cabins

The manufacturing process is carried out with CNC automatic machines, the quality of the materials, the constant checks of the manufacturing cycle and the design with modern software allow to manufacture of high reliable standard and special elevator Cabins. Available in different shades, Mirror finish with etching and also complete Glass cabins.

elevator machine

Montanari machine

The driving force of any elevator is its machine hence we cannot compromise in its brands. Montanari, Torin Drives are leading international trusted brands in the felid of elevator machines.
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Torin drive

Torin Drive, a full line of high performance elevator traction machines is offered, including MRL PM gearless machines, Large PM gearless machines, geared machines and their accessories. All machines are CSA certified and A17 compliant.

elevator drives

Our team are familiar with VVVF such as FUJI Frenic lift drives, Monarch NICE series, Yasakawa, Gefran Drives, INVT, Delta drives etc. We have solution for direct landing, creepless, short floor and many more for modern smart features. We have special team for drive testing and repairing.


iVATOR® can supply from any leading elevator control manufactures along with its harness and other accessories. Contact us for different packages of electrical kit. Serial and parallel control panels are available at its best price.

          Monarch nice integrated controller, FUJI and various other leading brands are available under one roof. Our 24 x 7 online technical team can help you out for support and clear your queries during installation and services.


iVATOR® has own facilities to manufacture elevator logic control boards and its accessories like COP LOP display pcb’s. We have a team of engineers who are dedicated for elevator micro controller and can help you out to configure with existing control panel or for new installation.

          These logic control boards are suitable for any VVVF available in your modification projects which saves your cost of changing whole control panel and its harness.

Touch LOP & COP

iVATOR® provides you premium quality touch COP (Car Operating Panel) LOP (Landing Operating Panel) with great aesthetic look. Available in wall mounted and surface mounted type. Serial / Parallel Dot Matrix / LCD/ TFT displays available with optional security features like Number Lock, RFID, Fingerprint Sensor and Face ID.

rails and ropes

MONTEFERRO Rails is an Certified ISO 9001 and manufactured in accordance with international standard ISO 7465, Monteferro offers the world's widest range of elevator guide rails and supplies a complete line of shaft mechanics, including an innovative integrated hoistway packaging system.
The Monteferro its operation started in Milan, northern Italy during late 1940s. It has been widely used by Multi National Elevator companies and the world tallest building Burj Khalifa’s elevator has Monteferro Guild rails for the fastest elevator.

spare parts

iVATOR® is India’s leading, independent provider of spare parts for all types of elevators. We can provide you with thousands of current spare parts of all leading manufacturers from Mumbai and Chennai warehouse to anywhere around the globe.

iVATOR® solutions are innovative, set technical standards and save our customers valuable time when searching for spare parts. Our team is made up of experts who support our customers with extensive experience and know-how. Our reliable and fast spare parts logistics systems ensures our customers have no worries when it comes to ordering spare parts.

Each of our products deliveries is committed to the high, accurate service quality of the elevator sector and represents a module which ideally enhances the professional performance of our customers.

iVATOR® deliberately relies on the strengths of a family business. Motivated and committed staff, high reliability and a clear set of values typify the company. Fair cooperation is the most important precondition for partnership with our customers, suppliers and staff.

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